Intranasal Use of Naltrexone is Safe, the Research Has Shown

Company “Opiant Pharmaceuticals Inc.” has recently disclosed the results of the first phase in their research. PREP_ONT has been reported to be safe and effective for the treatment of alcohol addiction in generally healthy patients (the abbreviation PREP_ONT stands for naltrexone administered intranasally).

“Opiant” has recently concluded an agreement with “Renaissance” to begin the second phase research in the improvement of the intranasal use of naltrexone.

According to the press release referring to a representative of “Opiant”, encouraging changes in pharmacokinetic properties of intranasal use of naltrexone in combination with Intravail were observed. Especially exiting was the ability of Intravail to reduce the time of reaching a maximal concentration in plasma. This fact implies a higher effectiveness of the medicine. After additional clinical tests the intranasal use of naltrexone (which is easier in delivery) will be recommended as a renovation in the treatment of alcoholism.

The influence of Intravail on pharmacokinetic properties of PREP_ONT was elicited in the course of an open four-period research conducted in a representative sample of fourteen generally healthy volunteers of different ages between eighteen and fifty five. No patients had nasal abnormalities. The participants of the research got four treatments with naltrexone during four dosage periods.

It was found that PREP_ONT in combination with Intravail gives three times higher plasma concentration in three-fold shorter period (the averaged median time was ten minutes instead of thirty).

The absorption of naltrexone taken orally (dose of 50 mg) was slower than when taken intranasally or in IV administration. While PREP_ONT with Intravail had shown a shorter period of reaching a maximal plasma concentration than even IV injection.

No adverse effects were registered during the research.

Describing the research results, Dr Malcolm (Yale School of Medicine) emphasized the potential benefits in the clinical use of intranasal PREP_ONT in combination with Intravail. The latter preparation definitely enhances the effect of naltrexone which can lead to the development of new

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